How to get a Bahama Bod

Bahama Bod NZ tanIf you can't tone it, tan it! As self tan lovers we have put together all the best tips, so that you can achieve the best possible tan with BAHAMA BOD self tanning mousse.


Exfoliate & Hair Removal

Around 24 hours before applying your tan we recommend exfoliating in the shower to remove any dead skin cells. If you haven’t already had laser to remove those pesky hairs, ensure that you shave at least 12 hours before or another form of hair removal at least 24 hours before tanning. By allowing this time between your hair removal and tanning, it gives your pores a chance to close up and not soak up excess tan. Self tan works on the top layer of your skin so this will help to ensure an even tan and also increase the number of days your tan will last.


Clean, Dry Skin

Make sure your skin is clean, dry and free of any oils, deodorant or perfume as this can effect the result of the tan.



It is super important to ONLY moisturise the dry areas of your body including hands, fingers, elbows, knees, ankles, feet and toes. If you like to moisturise your whole body we recommend moisturising at least 12 hours before applying your tan. It is important to note that moisturising your whole body directly prior to applying tan will reduce the results.



To achieve the best results we recommend using our tanning mitt so that it will go on evenly, streak free and will avoid excess build up on your hands. Trust us, once you’ve used a mitt you’ll never go back! Shake your BAHAMA BOD tanning mousse bottle and then pump 3-4 pumps each time onto the mitt. Begin in one area and work your way along your body using sweeping or circling motions to evenly distribute the tan.


Tip: Tan your feet when there is less product on the mitt as this will help prevent your feet from going too dark.


Don’t be afraid with the mousse; putting too little on can cause you to accidentally miss spots causing unwanted streaks. Make sure there is an even and full layer all over your bod.


Tanning your face

This one is completely up to your personal preference. Bahama Bod is safe and moisturising to use on your face. If your skin is sensitive and often breaks out, tanning your face could lead to breakouts much like some foundations or moisturisers.



Make sure you allow your tan time to develop. We recommend waiting 10 minutes before dressing in dark, loose fitting clothing. Once dressed you want to leave your tan on for 8 hours to really let it develop. If you want a lighter tan you can leave it on for 3-4 hours before washing it off. Sleeping over night is the best way to make the time go fast till you have that amazing glow!


Cleaning your mitt

This one is a little bit difficult after you have just applied a tan. Unless you have a super helpful friend or family member that can clean it for you straight after tanning, we recommend running some water on the mitt and leaving it to soak over night in the sink. Once your tan has developed over 8 hours and you’re ready to shower, you can wash your tanning mitt with hot soapy water then rinse it thoroughly. Make sure you leave it to fully dry before using it again.



While most tanning companies will say moisturise, the key to a longer lasting tan is to moisturise less! Instead we have added aloe vera into the BAHAMA BOD formula so the moisturising properties will help keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Tip: Keep up your fluids, yes drink water! This helps to moisturise your skin from the inside out.

Typically, your tan will last 5-7 days. Over this time you will notice your tan lighten slightly due to perspiration and showering. To maximise the length of time your tan lasts, avoid excessive sweating, saunas, steam rooms, and spas. Limit time spent in the water, baths, showers, oceans and pools. Shaving, waxing and exfoliating after your tan will remove some of the tan colour.



After 5-7 days you may want to remove your tan. Nothing is worse than scrubbing your skin raw trying to get all the old tan off. So, we have made it easy with our BAHAMA BOD self tan eraser. All you need to do is shake the bottle, pump the mousse straight onto your hands and apply it all over your body where the tan is. Once applied leave it for 5-15 minutes. After this time you will be able to easily wipe away the tan in the shower with warm water and a cloth or exfoliator.