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How many full body applications are in one bottle?

Normally you will get approximately 7 full body coats per bottle however it can vary depending on how much you put on during each application.

What is the base colour of the Self Tanning Mousse?

The colour base of our self tanning mousses is green. The main reason for a green base is that it gives a super natural tan without making your skin appear orange unlike other tans that use an orange base. The green base also corrects red or pink pigments in your skin which is very helpful to people with light or fair skin.

What does the Bahama Bod self tan smell like?

DELICIOUS. One of the best parts of Bahama Bod is the amazing melon scent. Many tanning products can have a unpleasant smell especially when applying them so we have made sure that it has a scent you will love!

Is it tested on animals?

No, we pride ourselves in being cruelty free.

Does Bahama Bod product protect me from the sun?

No, Bahama Bod has no SPF in the product therefore we recommend using an SPF sunscreen if you are exposed to the sun. Ensure that you do not apply SPF sunscreen within 8 hours of using Bahama Bod or before showering as this can affect the result of the product. 

Does Bahama Bod self tan contain parabens?

No, we are paraben free!

Should I do a “Patch Test”

Yes. With any product that you apply to your skin, you should always perform a patch test. 

Patch test: Apply a small amount of product in an invisible place, like inside elbow or under knee, and wait for 24 hours. If you skin gets itchy, or becomes red, it is not the right product for your skin and do not continue to use.

Can I use Bahama Bod self tanning products when I am pregnant? 

It is recommended that you contact a medical professional before applying any self tanning products to your skin when you are pregnant.

Can I cancel my order?

At Bahama Bod we aim to send orders the same or following business day after the order has been received. This means that after we receive the order you can not make any changes to the order. We do not allow cancellation of orders after the order has been completed and we have received this order.

Can I return or exchange?

Due to health regulation of Bahama Bod products we do not accept and refunds or exchanges. If the product is damaged or you feel it is not as advertised please email us at and we will try to help resolve the situation as quickly as possible. In rare cases the courier or shipping carriers can damage the item, should this happen please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your shipment and we will do our best to resolve the situation. 

What happens if my order is held at customs or by the courier?

Bahama Bod will provide all documents with the order that are required to clear customs. Should your order be held up it is the responsibility of the buyer/consumer to contact the customs or courier to clear the order. Bahama Bod will not be liable for providing a refund should the order fail to be delivered. 

Can I make changes to any part of my order?

After you order has been submitted we cannot amend the order, change the shipping type, refund or add/remove products.

What if I don’t receive my order?

If you order has been marked as delivered by the courier/shipping service used and we can provide proof of delivery to you then Bahama Bod will not be liable to give you a refund. If we provide you as the customer with proof the order was sent then the customer is liable to follow up with the courier to resolve the issue. Should the courier company not deliver the order and fail to resolve the issue, Bahama Bod will not be liable to give the customer a refund. 

Can I place my order in another language?

All orders must be placed in English, this includes the delivery address and customer details. Should any detail not be submitted in English we have the ability to refuse the order or send the order and it is the liability of the customer should it be delivered to the incorrect address. We will do our best to contact you in this situation however Bahama Bod cannot guarantee this and will not be liable to give you a refund or replacement. 

If you have purchased any products from Bahama Bod Ltd we assume you are legal age to purchase.