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Self-Tanning Back Applicator

Self-Tanning Back Applicator

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Never struggle fake tanning your back again! Our Self-Tanning Back Applicator is ideal for getting those hard-to-reach places tanned and glowing.

- Works with all tanning products
- Protects your hands from staining
- Ensures a streak free, seamless tan

Approximate size: 59cm x 10cm


How to use:

Start by applying a small amount of self-tanner to the center of the back applicator, and then hold one handle in each hand behind your back. Use a back-and-forth motion to spread the self-tanner evenly across your skin, working from the middle of your back out to the edges. Be sure to blend the edges carefully to avoid any streaks or uneven areas.

Repeat the process until you achieve your desired level of colour, and then wash the applicator with warm water and mild soap before storing it for your next use.

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