Dark Mousse + Erase + Mitt Bundle

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Buy our best-selling Dark Mousse with our Tan Erase and Mitt, in this easy bundle.

<strong>The BAHAMA BOD favourite - Self Tanning Mousse Dark - 200ml</strong>
Achieve the deepest, flawless looking tan without the sun using this Self Tanning Mousse Dark. This formula is fast drying, lightweight and scented with melon. No unpleasent self tan smell here. 

Enriched with natural emolients, nourishing aloe vera & natural DHA for smooth, hydrated and perfectly tanned skin, every time.

<strong>Bahama Bod Tanning Mitt</strong>
This luxury velvet mitt allows your Bahama Bod tan to be evenly distributed and will protect the palms of your hands from staining. The Tanning Mitt can be hand-washed and re-used numerous times, giving you the perfect tan every time

Our new Self Tan Preparation and Eraser is a revolutionary multi-purpose product that not just removes tan but prepares the skin for new application of self-tanning mousse.